ArtDiVin wine



The Concept

ARTdiVIN® offers a unique ‘box & bottle’ concept. It has been created to offer connoisseurs of good wine an outstanding and original way to present their personally-selected premium-quality wines. On the outside an original hand-crafted box produced to a highly creative design, and on the inside a bottle of one of the most precious products made by nature and man. You select the design that appeals to you and then choose your or his preferred premium wine. Subsequently, your ‘box & bottle’ will be carefully delivered to you.
We offer you a wide assortment of premium wines, all of which have a long lifespan, so there’s plenty of time to decide when to uncork the bottle. To match this assortment of wines we have a wide selection of creative boxes that will add cachet to your home or office and which can be used again and again. Why not use the box on every occasion wine is served? Turn every meal into a special event! The unique concept provides you with the opportunity to offer an original and high quality gift to your friends, your colleagues, your lifetime or professional partner, or even just for yourself.

ARTdiVIN® is constantly evolving, both inside and outside.
On the outside, we remain on the look-out for new design trends and materials. We continually seek out new artists to complement our own in-house creative talent.
On the inside, our current assortment focuses on premium-quality Bordeaux wines, which are guaranteed to leave you with an outstanding tasting experience. Please note, however, that we will be expanding our selection to include wines from other regions and countries.

Feel free to think ‘out of the box’. Our creations aren’t limited to what you see here, just ask us and we will create an exclusive design for you. Each wine box is individually produced and/or hand-crafted. ARTdiVIN® welcomes orders for individual items or small series so that we can guarantee that you are getting a uniquely customised object! The high-definition 3D image reproductions represented on this web site are just some of the examples of our customised production.

Concerning the wines we offer on the web site: these have been stored in optimal conditions and were derived - if not direct from the vineyard - through one intermediate at most.

All designs shown on this web site are ownership of or are licensed to Bulens & Co | ARTdiVIN bvba.